Why Travel with Us?

First of all, we are a local agency. Our company was founded by Sherpa guides from the beautiful Mera Valley, hence our name Mera Alpine Treks & Expedition. We are professional mountain experts, and our agency is accredited by the Tourism Ministry of Nepal (Nepal Tourism Office). Mera Alpine Treks & Expedition aim is to provide top quality trekking & expedition services in Nepal for all the trekkers, mountaineers, and nature lovers from all over the world. With a team of a highly skilled professional and trained guides & porters as well as up to date quality trekking gears we use, we guarantee for your satisfactory and rewarding holiday of once in a lifetime.

We are Sherpa / Local Export in Tourism  

Mera Alpine Treks team has local export Sherpa. Sherpa’s are known for their strength, loyalty, and courage, but also for their good spirits, their joy to live and their eagerness to help others. The story of the Sherpa people is closely linked to that of the Eastern part of the Himalaya. In the fields of trekking and mountaineering, they are essential and all the development of Nepalese tourism is very indebted to them. Sherpa’s are a brand of Himalaya Mountain and toughest of the tought people. The full form of SHERPA is Skillful – Helpful – Enjoyful – Romantic – Peaceful – Active.

14 years of experience

Mera Alpine Treks is a local travel agency with a team formed during these fourteen years. It is a professional and dedicated Nepal based local trekking & expedition Company.

Most reliable legally operated trekking company

Mera Alpine Treks is completely government license holder inbound tour operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are officially registered in all required government organizations and associations of tour/trek operators.

Book with confidence: We hold the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company (CIC) number 98028/068/069 issued by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, license of tour/trek operator license number 1879/071 (need to correct) by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and bonded with Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) and various organizations.

Quality Services and reasonable price

We provide international standard services and flexibility to an accommodation with healthy and delicious meals. We offer your choice of all meals for all that offer the area you visit. Our guide will advise you throughout the course to make you discover the different gastronomies according to the ethnicities encountered. We provide friendly and helpful staff. We have strong partnerships with our service providers to ensure quality. Free airport transfers from your arrival to your departure. We put comfortable and safe transport services a vehicle adapted to your needs. Our professional drivers will drive you safely. Our dedicated teams are always at hand to make certain that every aspect of your journey is pleasurable and memorable.

Best experience field staff & crew

Mera Alpine Treks & Expedition use local leaders, guides, climbing support Sherpa & porters on all tours, trekking, and expedition. They will enrich your experience by sharing nuggets of information, which only locals can provide. Our Guides, porters, cooks are all highly qualified and professionally trained to help them evolve in their profession. They are all license holders as per the rule of Nepal Government. Mera Alpine Treks appreciate the hard work that our guides, climbing Sherpa, and porters put into each trip to make it successful. Without them, no trip could be possible.

Flexible routes itinerary & Tailor-made trip

Years of experience in the tourism sector has led our expertise in customizing the service packages to suit the customers’ budget without any compromise in the quality of service. Our routes itinerary is well defined, however, if you want to change them for one reason or another, it will always be a possibility. The discussion with your guide will allow you to choose the best solution. It helps to make well-designed itineraries with adequate acclimatization points to avoid AMS. We are ready to provide any types of trips for a solo traveler, family, couple, relatives, students, and a group of friends.   

If you are not able to find a perfect trip from our website as your requirement, please directly contact or email us. We are always ready to help you. We are specialist in developing & delivering tailor-made trip and destination package in specific date and needs. We will create individual quotes based itinerary, trip style, and accommodation, time of travel, budget, and group size for any person, family, and group. Explore your interests at your own speed.

Trekking Guide, Climbing Sherpa, and Porter Policy

We employ only local leader and staff for local benefits and development of the local community. Mera Alpine Treks & Expedition provide various training for our staff and trek leaders like Tour and Trekking Guide training, First Aid training, high altitude sickness, Rock Climbing & Ice Mountaineering Training, English & another major language training, conservation & biodiversity info, etc. We provide our guides basic accommodation, food, beverage, sleeping tent, gear, etc during the trek and clothing for each season & altitude, ensuring protection from cold, rain & snow for Mera Alpine Treks crew.

We continue to strive towards eliminating avoidable illness, injury, and death. We have insurance policies for each of our employees. Our employees are well covered for medical and rescue evacuation services. We never overload our porters, we allow a maximum of 30 Kg per porter during trekking. Our leading guides ensure that if a porter needs more attention in terms of health, food, and sleep during the trek. We educate the porters about our environmental policy and proper waste management. It makes the trip as environmentally responsible as possible. Most of the young porters are future guide also part of the students. Leaders help and inspire the porter to grow as a potential trekking guide as all our guides started as a porter.  

Safety, Security, and Insurance Policy   

Mera alpine trek guarantees the best in safety and comfort. If you have health problems, we will do everything we can to help you get the necessary care. Our Sherpa’s will take you to the base of the helicopter to send you to the hospital, and in case of repatriation Mera alpine deals with the connection with your insurance. Do not forget to bring with you the necessary papers. So, Mera Alpine Treks highly recommend buying travel insurance for our customers. We provide some travel tips about how to maintain your health and safety before traveling in Nepal. Mera Alpine Treks guide know about well fresh and hygienic food in the mountains, procedures of first aid, high altitude sickness, helicopter rescue evacuation through training. “We take only Mera Alpine Treks crews or staffs Accidental insurance/Life Insurance, Rescue insurance, Medical insurance during the trip.”