“If it's not heaven, then it's probably Nepal"

This is what anyone would say if they have visited Nepal. Nepal can be stated as the nation with the perfect blend of natural and cultural beauty. Nature has given an abundance of beauty to each and every geographical region of Nepal be it terai, hilly or Himalayan region and each and every place of this country has its own cultural tradition ethnic groups, which adds more essence to its beauty. Along with that, the hospitality of the people is renowned in the whole world. Here people are really warm and generous, and most importantly people in this place are keen to help others as much as they can and also provide homely environment making the tourists feel safe and comfortable.

Nepal is a small landlocked country in South Asia, which is blessed by mother nature from all sides. The country is nearly in a trapezoidal shape and has its own unique geography. Nepal is divided into three physiographic areas; Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region. The Himalayan region covers nearly 16% of the total land, the hilly covers nearly 65% of the total area and the terai covers only the remaining 17% of the land. The nation has diverse biodiversity including fertile lands, subtropical forest. There is a wide variety of climate; one can experience hot and sunny tropical weather to freezing arctic weather within this small boundary. The nation is also known as “mountainous country” as eight out of the ten highest peaks lies within this country.

Being a mountainous country it is obvious that it attracts a lot of trekkers and thus is also known to be the "Trekkers Paradise". This is a perfect spot for those who want to have an adventure but at an affordable price. The best part about trekking in Nepal is that one can choose the difficulty level to start their trekking. The scenic beauty and breathtaking landscapes can tempt anyone to come and explore.