Some Useful Nepali Words

Some useful words that will be a help to Know while traveling in Nepal

With the exception of porters, our local team speaks English. In any situation, your guide will be there to help you communicate. Learning a few key words will allow you to win the respect of your interlocutors, and to make your exchanges with the Nepalese more pleasant. So do not hesitate to make the effort to use the following expressions.

English Language Nepali Language

Hello / Welcome / Happy to meet you

What is your name?

My name is Devid.

How are you?

I am fine.

Thank you.

I hope we meet again.

Excuse me / Pardon me / Sorry.

Yes + No

It is delicious or sweet.

It is good or beautiful. 

 Namaste (Hands claped and bowing)

Tapaiko naam ke ho?

Mero naam Devid ho.

Tapailai kasto cha?

Malai thik cha.


Pheri bhetaula.

Maaf garnu hos.

Ho + Hoina

Mitho Chha.

Ramro Chha.

There are few courtesies in Nepal. It is rather a gesture of respect, for example when you meet a Nepalese with whom you want to engage in conversation: clasped hands, head movement. You can ask your guide to teach you some common words your journey will be richer. And then smile, it's often the best way to have good contacts!