Tour in Nepal will allow you to explore several cities, towns, and villages of different regions of Nepal. Nepal is home to numerous people from various backgrounds, which result in diverse culture, tradition, lifestyle, art, and architecture. Each city/town will welcome you with its own specialty and charm. You will find a unique set of beliefs and values that varied from place to place. Kathmandu, the capital city of this Himalayan nation itself holds seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are very famous among the travelers. These monuments will take you back in time and allow you to comprehend Nepal's history.

Likewise, the birth of Lord Gautam Buddha in Lumbini has added the zest of purity in Nepal. Every year hundreds and thousands of Buddhists visit this place to worship and get blessed by the deity. There are several shrines and monasteries built in Lumbini representing different sect of Buddhism. Besides this, many places of Nepal is also mentioned in holy books of Hindus that shows the divinity of this land.

As Nepal holds eight of the world's highest mountains and an uncountable number of peaks & hills, this places is very much known for adventurous trekking and climbing. However, the distinct topography of Nepal has made it teeming with rich tropical forests to alpine forests that range throughout the country. With this variation of greenery, there comes abundant vegetation along with rare species of flora and fauna. This creates thrilling journeys that will take you into the wilderness of Nepal.

If you want to be present in time while reflecting in your inner self and immersing yourself into authenticity then Nepal is a must visit place for you. There is a lot to explore and experience in Nepal that cannot be covered in a single page. Either you are craving to be part of extremely rich culture and history, or you want to get closer to wildlife, Nepal has got everything. And, we Mera Alpine Adventure is glad to cater you our various professionally designed tour packages in Nepal. We also design tailor-made tour packages that will fit your needs and requirements perfectly. We are more than excited to welcome you guys in Nepal and present our rich heritage.