Nepal is home to hundreds of peaks of different ranges and difficulty levels. From novice to experienced climbers, there is an option for everyone. Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the most adventurous outdoor sports activity. Many year thousands of climbers visit Nepal to climb one of its many peaks. Moreover, peak climbing is also the best way to step into the Himalayan trails of Nepal and introduce yourself with its challenges. Peak climbing in Nepal will give you an opportunity to taste the adrenaline rush of Himalayas without paying a large sum. You will still get to see gorgeous scenery and experience the rich culture of the locals. We, Mera Alpine Adventure specialize in various peak climbing. We run several peak climbing program throughout the year along with tailor-made peal climbing packages.

As per your convenience, you can either join short peak climbing or long peak climbing. As per current data from the Nepal government, there are 400 peaks open in Nepal to climb. Like a number of days, the difficult levels also differ from one peak to another. Peak climbing in Nepal can be both technically and physically challenging. Nepal has various peaks that allow climbers and trekkers to taste their skills and endurance. Looking at the journey, you might have to possess strong physical fitness, sound health, and good stamina. Moreover, you also have to have basic peak climbing skills to climb on one of the mountains of Nepal. If are complete novice climber and doesn't possess any climbing skill then don't worry, we, Mera Alpine Adventure provides many packages that are specially made for beginner climbers. We also give basic peak climbing training before the beginning of the trip as well as during the trip.

We are proud to share with you all that we, Mera Alpine Adventure has recently discovered two new routes to summit Mera Peak that are not known by any other trekking agencies in Nepal. Please have a look at these two packages and let us know if you are excited to join any of them. It is an opportunity for you to embark on a journey in one of the famous peaks of Nepal while following a completely new trail that is only experienced by a handful of travels.

With adventure and thrill, there also come lots of risk while climbing peaks. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before the journey. As small as the quality of gears to permits, health of every crew member, and the experience of the guide. Plus almost every part of Nepal is imposed with certain rules and restrictions in order to preserve the region that has to be followed by the tourists. We, Mera Alpine Adventure is known with all the rules and regulations and promises you that, with us, you will have the most smooth journey of your life.