Drinking Water, Food and Accommodation

Food on the Trails

There is plenty of good food available on all the main treks in Nepal. Every little tea house along all the routes has food to offer. It’s how they make their living. You will have quite a comprehensive menu to choose from. You will get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, plus ample hot & cold drinks. 

When staying in the lodges during the trek, you can enjoy and expect hearty local food like Nepali cuisine, Tibetan cuisine, Indian cuisine, and more common continental cuisines. Dal Bhat Tarkari is the most affordable, rich in carbohydrates, and filling option for you. Moreover, Dal Bhat Tarkari is the most staple food in entire Nepal. Other than this, you can easily find cookies, snacks items, bread, bars, can juice, tea, coffee on most of the trail.

Similarly, you can find a wide variety of cuisine in the main cities. The welcome and farewell dinner is also something to look forward to. All of our climbing expeditions provide excellent local and Western food! If you have any special treat you like, we encourage you to bring some along.

Accommodation on the Trails

Lodges are plentiful and relatively comfortable across the more popular trekking & climbing region. Many trekking regions have good and well-maintained lodges with attached and common bathrooms. We, Mera Alpine Adventure always books tidy, clean, and modern lodges that are available in the village. The lodge/guesthouse we book are well-known spots to us, and we have a good relationship with the owners. 

Our standard tea house trekking is based on shared rooms, usually twin-share basis. If you prefer, we can book private rooms for you. However, there are several teahouses on the trekking route that do not allow single room accommodation on paying a single supplement. 

In climbing expedition camps, you will be sleeping in a high-quality mountain tent, shared with one other climber. For tent accommodation, foam mattress will be made available. You will be greeted each morning with a cup of bed tea, served by our smiling cook staff.

Drinking water while trekking in Nepal

Drinking plenty of clean water is highly advised when trekking in Nepal. Up high, the air is thin and dry, which often leads to unexpected dehydration. This, in turn, can worsen the effects of altitude sickness. 

Bottled water is available throughout most of the popular treks in Nepal. Many people use boiled and treated water to save both the environment & money. Common sterilization techniques include iodine and the SteriPen, though the latter reportedly does not treat giardiasis well and needs quite a few batteries to run.